Zeiss Lens Wipes (200 pieces) 多用途鏡片清潔濕紙巾/拭紙

貨號: Zeiss Lens Wipes (200 pieces) 多用途鏡片清潔濕紙巾/拭紙 分類:


Zeiss Lens Wipes (200 pieces) $240 (滿$500 免費送貨,滿$1000額外9折)

Safely and quickly remove smudges and dirt on eyeglasses and sunglasses plus other optics including lenses on cameras, webcams, binoculars, microscopes and many others.

Safe for use on lenses with anti-reflective coatings.

High-tech ammonia-free formula cleans effectively without leaving streaks or residue.

Gently brush away dust and dirt with the folded wipe. Unfold the wipe and gently clean the surface with circular movements until the surface is clean and dry.


On glossy surfaces, test a small area first. Single use only, please use new wipes as needed. A dirty or dry wipe can scratch.

Avoid contact with the eyes. If contact occurs rinse eyes thoroughly with water.


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Zeiss Lens Wipes (200 pieces) 多用途鏡片清潔濕紙巾/拭紙