Markus T

MARKUS T Eyewear, a famous brand of handmade glasses, comes from Germany and enjoys a high reputation in the design industry. It has the lightest characteristics in the world. Moreover, it has the patented design and structure technology of the "square hinge", and ultra-lightweight products that are titanium is well-known for its technology for manufacturing spectacle frames.
TMi material is a mixture of glass fibre and carbon fibre, the weight is very light. Besides, it will never affect the colour of the frame. The most eye-catching feature is that there are no screws on the main body of the glasses. The entire frame is made of a piece of titanium without any welding positions by the German industry. This integrated structure makes the surface of the frame and the temples a perfect fit. Due to its simple design, coupled with the guarantee of 100% German design, production and casting, more buyers are willing to collect it. The unique creative design, plain and noble lines, and lightweight structure make each MARKUS T frame very temperamental like an art.

Markus temming, is the founder of Markus T, cares for the best solution and final design. They can work accurately at all levels and love their crafts. The result is lightweight and comfortable glasses, especially durable, and convincing emphasizes the personality of the painter and their pure and simple design.